5 Reasons Why Parents Are Making The Switch To Hiya Vitamins For Kids

We used to buy a well-known brand of vitamins from Costco for the kids, and I trusted them to be healthy and nutrient-packed.

I can’t get my five-year-old to eat all the good things I put on his plate every night. But I figured I could at least depend on the vitamin manufacturer to pack in the things I couldn’t. Right?

Well, it turns out that while the vitamins I was buying have the nutrients I want for my kids, they also come with 5g of sugar per serving (that’s more than an Oreo!).

If that wasn’t enough, they also came with a bunch of other filler ingredients that I was not too keen about. I’ll give them a few brownie points for being Vegan and Non-GMO, but they came loaded with sugar, oils, and ingredients I can barely even pronounce.

I was very unimpressed, and honestly felt a little disappointed in myself for not checking the label right when I first started buying them.

So naturally I did what most moms would do. I talked to a few friends, did some research, read reviews, and found a company I was really excited about. We’ve been using Hiya vitamins for kids in our house for close to 6 months, and now I get the pleasure of writing about why I think you should make the switch as well!

Here are 5 reasons to try Hiya vitamins with your family!

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1. Developed by parents on a mission, alongside top pediatricians and nutritionists

The typical children’s vitamin is basically candy in disguise — filled with 3-5g of sugar, artificial ingredients, and other gummy junk additives. That’s why Hiya’s founders spent three years curating top pediatricians, nutritionists, scientists, and parents to formulate a super-powered chewable made with organic fruits and vegetables.

2. 0g of sugar, and naturally sweetened by a superfruit for super powers

Sugar is sugar, and with the average vitamin for kids (even the natural/vegan ones) has 5g of sugar. That’s more sugar than an Oreo. Hiya’s vitamins are naturally sweetened with Monk Fruit, a superfruit in it’s own right that’s 100 times sweeter than sugar.

3. A delicious chewable with none of the other junk commonly found in vitamins for kids

There are a lot of kids vitamins out there, and many appear healthy. But even the “healthy” brands often come with additives and sugar. Smarty Pants, L’il Critters, One A Day Kids.. All of them contain 3-5g of sugar. Hiya’s focus is clean ingredients and full body nourishment. On top of having 0g of sugar, they are Vegan, Non-GMO, and Gluten-Free.

4. Loved by kids, and adored by parents

“But will my kids like the taste?”… The reviews are in and kids love the taste. That means amazing nutrients, none of the junk, and smiling faces!

“Wonderful product…made with ingredients I can pronounce and understand. Customer service is amazing. They are very kind, compassionate, helpful, and professional. My child doesn’t run away when it’s time to take her vitamin!” – Amanda J. – Verified Buyer

5. They’re better for kids, and better for the world

You won’t find Hiya vitamins in store, but that’s because they strive to be a convenient and eco-friendly brand. When you order Hiya online it comes in a fun glass bottle (with decorations for the kids!), and future deliveries come in eco-friendly sealed pouches. As an added bonus, shipping is always free!

Try Hiya today and get 50% Off + Free Shipping!

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