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Senior Author & Chief Editor Based in Tempe, AZ I started writing in college and am thankful to have turned it into a growing career. I love to create and share content that hits home for me, and hopefully helps others at home. I’m the proud mom of 2 beautiful boys, and a gorgeous baby girl.

7 Best Family Home Workout For Kids

When families are stuck inside with TVs and video games to entertain the kids, family exercise becomes more important. Sitting around all the time isn’t healthy. What’s a parent to do when they don’t have a yard, there’s mud outside, or it’s too cold or too hot to venture outdoors for a romp? So Here’s 7 Best Home Workout For Kids…

Family DIY: Natural Finger Painting Recipe

Do you remember childhood days when your teacher or parent brought out big sheets of paper and starts finger painting? The thought brings smiles to many grownups’ faces with memories of dipping your fingers in that cool, wet paint, gliding those wet fingers to make shapes, rainbows, stick-figure families, and learning what happens when you mix colors. You’d hold up your painted hands and giggle. It’s easy to bring these memories back and sharing them by joining your kids, joining in for a fun family finger paint activity.

5 Beauty Tips to Practice Self-Care

Self-care is becoming increasingly important with the hectic pace of the world, but what exactly does it take to practice self-care on a regular basis? So..here we are, we’d like to share some beauty tips for you to practice self-care.

plant based meals

7 Ways To Get Your Family To Eat More Plant Based Meals

By now, you likely know about the host of health benefits associated with adding more plant based meals into your diet. But, we know it can be hard to get your spouse and/or kids onboard the plant-based train. That’s why we have compiled this list of ideas to get your family eating..and enjoying more plant-based meals.

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