Crafts For Kids: The Ultimate Cloud Dough Recipe

The creativity and energy level of kids is wonderful, but it sure can be hard to keep up with their fast pace! Sometimes kids stay entertained with a new activity or toy for days on end, but other times it can seem like they need something new every couple of minutes! This fun, quick, and easy cloud dough recipe is an awesome activity to do with your kiddos. Along with the excitement of making and playing with the cloud dough, kids will love the quality time spent learning and creating with their role model!

baked fish recipe

Romesco Salsa Baked Fish Recipe

Our baked fish with romesco salsa recipe just might be our favorite baked fish recipe. Romesco is Spain’s version of Italian marinara sauce. It contains nuts, tomatoes, garlic, and paprika. While it can be prepared with pine nuts or hazelnuts, our recipe utilizes almonds. Romesco Salsa has a nutty but rich taste that pairs perfectly with this baked fish recipe.

seedy granola bars recipe

Seedy Granola Bars Recipe

This no nonsense granola bars recipe is so easy to make and the perfect homemade breakfast or afternoon snack! It also works great for quick and easy individual dessert bars!

This seedy granola bars recipe was born out of the need for a no-fuss granola bar that was quick and healthy and allowed me to make it the night before and then enjoy it in the morning.

7 Best Family Home Workout For Kids

When families are stuck inside with TVs and video games to entertain the kids, family exercise becomes more important. Sitting around all the time isn’t healthy. What’s a parent to do when they don’t have a yard, there’s mud outside, or it’s too cold or too hot to venture outdoors for a romp? So Here’s 7 Best Home Workout For Kids…

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