Crafts For Kids: The Ultimate Cloud Dough Recipe

The creativity and energy level of kids is wonderful, but it sure can be hard to keep up with their fast pace! Sometimes kids stay entertained with a new activity or toy for days on end, but other times it can seem like they need something new every couple of minutes! This fun, quick, and easy cloud dough recipe is an awesome activity to do with your kiddos. Along with the excitement of making and playing with the cloud dough, kids will love the quality time spent learning and creating with their role model!

helicopter parents

What is Helicopter Parenting?

Who are Helicopter Parents?
Also known as cosseting, helicopter parents are parents who essentially mow down an obstacle or struggle that your child comes to in order to protect them from any negative feelings. In a more scientific sense, it’s a hyper-involvement in your child’s life. It’s simply an over-active effort to keep your child from feeling hurt, pain, or disappointment. 

Science Experiments For Kids: Teach Your Children How Water Cycle Works

Rather than letting them rot their brains with video games and television, try introducing them to fun science experiments for kids and other educational activities. There are a variety of experiments you can introduce to your kids and have them run during the day. Science experiment for kids can be fun, it doesn’t have to be all multiple-choice questions and stuffy procedures, there is plenty of exciting and surprising natural phenomenon and other scientific principles you can introduce your kids to during the summer, keeping your brain and theirs wired during the doldrums of the season.

Crafts For Kids: Have Some Fun With Moon Sand

As summer quickly approaches, the kids will be home more often, and you’ll need more activities and crafts for kids to do as you spend time with them. Kids are full of energy and life, and they’re bound to enjoy activities as long as they’re spending time with you. But doing the same things day after day can get boring and repetitive, and there may not seem to be anything new under the sun.

Family DIY: Natural Finger Painting Recipe

Do you remember childhood days when your teacher or parent brought out big sheets of paper and starts finger painting? The thought brings smiles to many grownups’ faces with memories of dipping your fingers in that cool, wet paint, gliding those wet fingers to make shapes, rainbows, stick-figure families, and learning what happens when you mix colors. You’d hold up your painted hands and giggle. It’s easy to bring these memories back and sharing them by joining your kids, joining in for a fun family finger paint activity.

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