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overnight poppy seed lemon oats recipe

Vegan Overnight Poppy Seed Lemon Oats Recipe

Who doesn’t love a warm bowl of oats for breakfast when the temperature drops? This Overnight Poppy Seed Lemon Oats recipe is easy to prepare and nourishing to eat and are served warm or chilled. They require some advance planning, but they’re worth it. You can even prep them the night before your big hike or after a morning yoga session.

Fresh & Simple Vegan Greek Pasta Salad Recipe

Eating healthy these days can be a challenge. Fast foods are expanding quickly and the grocery stores are stocked and filled with food that provides little to no nutritional value, making healthy eating a chore to do sometimes.

However, for those with just a little bit of spare time, any meal can be healthy; all you have to do is buy some fresh produce and make your very own Greek pasta salad recipe.

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