9 Cool DIY Arts And Crafts For Kids (And Parents!)

arts and crafts for kids

The 9 Fun Arts and Crafts for Kids

Summer is fast approaching, which means school is almost out. When that time comes, your children will be home and spending most of the day with you. This extra time with your kids is a blessing, but it can also be difficult to find new and exciting activities to do with them throughout the three months they’re home from school.

Coming up with new activities can be difficult, which is why we’ve got your back. Here’s a quick rundown of nine of the most fun arts and crafts for kids you can partake in. These are fun for the whole family while they’re away from school.

Pick Some Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

This surprisingly fun and creative arts and crafts for kids can be made using a simple roll of toilet paper and some construction paper. Simply take an empty toilet paper roll (just the cardboard) and use it as the “stem” of a flower. Cut out a flower shape from your construction paper and place it on top of the roll. In no time, you’ll have a great-looking toilet paper roll flower that you can decorate your house with.

Make a Paper Pinwheel

Kids love pinwheels because of the motion and energy of items. It’s actually quite easy to make pinwheels using nothing, but a few pieces of paper and a thick straw or stick. Making a paper pinwheel will also teach your kids about the different laws of the universe (yes, really!) like physics and engineering. You can keep them entertained while teaching them how to be builders and admirers of universal forces.

arts and crafts for kids - paper pinwheel

More Pinwheels!

You’ve made one pinwheel but it’s super easy and quick to make another, larger version. This second pinwheel can act as another fridge to pin your kids’ great art projects on. All you have to do is follow the previous steps you took but make it larger.

Create Your Very Own Tic Tac Toe Board

This arts and crafts for kids is an original game, many children love to play tic tac toe. This is a fun game because there are very few moves and the game lasts only a minute or two. You can play endless rounds by creating your very own magnetic board. All you have to do is grab a sheet of paper, fill it in and magnetize it using a few magnets lying around the house. Put it on the fridge and you can play as many rounds as you want.

Create a May Day Basket

One of the great days of the year, May Day represents the time when spring is officially here. Many cultures have their own unique May Day festivities, and your house can join in the fun when your kids make festive and practical May Day baskets. All you need is some paper, some string, and a doily to make the best basket possible.

arts and crafts for kids - basket

Painting with Trains

This arts and crafts for kids may sound odd but it’s a ton of fun. Simply take some toy trains you have in your house and paint the actual tires of the trains. Then have your kids drive the trains around and marvel at the resulting patterns and shapes they can make using nothing but the trains as their paint brushes. Just make sure the paint stays on the paper!

Make Your Own Suncatcher

Making a decorative suncatcher is easy and only requires a few pieces of translucent paper or contact paper. Take your paper and cut it into any shape you like. The most popular shape includes a handprint so that your kids can make a craft in their own image. Cut the translucent paper and add some other pieces of translucent paper in all different colors and shapes to the original shape. Put them on the window and watch them catch the sun in a fun and beautiful way.

Experiment with Playdough

Playdough is such a fun item for kids because it’s endlessly malleable and the combination of things to make with it are infinite. Kids love rolling playdough into a ball and squishing it on their fingers to destroy it and make brand new shapes. All you need is a place to play which won’t cause a mess and some tubs of playdough. Once you have these, your kids can spend all day making their favorite shapes and structures.

arts and crafts for kids - play dough

Teach Origami

Another process kids of all ages love to partake in is origami. Origami is fun because you can take one item, such as a piece of paper, and make something totally new and distinct from it, like paper doves and swans. You can start your kids out on a beginner’s track using steps and instructions you find online. With practice, you can move onto more intricate shapes too.

arts and crafts for kids - origami

Now that you have 9 ideas on arts and crafts for kids, let me know which arts and crafts for kids were your favorites!

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