12 Best Indoor Family Activities With Kids

indoor family activities

I love living in Salt Lake City, Utah because we experience all four seasons. There is something to be said for watching the leaves change color, the snow pile up outdoors, and the sunshine bright throughout the summer. However, seasonal weather also means that there are plenty of days when I am cooped up in the house with all three boys – and that can be a struggle. If you ask them the only indoor family activities are watching TV, playing video games, or playing on their iPads.

Given the current environment, it’s very tempting to let everything just slide, but I refuse to let my kids turn into lumps on the couch, so I have had to get creative. There are actually a lot of great indoor family activities out there that (surprise, surprise!) my boys ended up loving too.

I’ve learned that kids like to pretend they don’t want to play with their parents, but give them a few minutes of attention and their entire mood will shift. Even my moody teenager was slowly lured out of his bedroom to take part in a few of these fun activities with his younger brothers.

While I’m am by no means an activity genius, I have found a few indoor family activities that are instant hits every single time I bring them up. If your family is bored of being bored, here are a few of my favorites that might just help you spice up a rainy day this spring and as a bonus improve your family relationships.

Themed Bingo

I love playing Bingo with my kids because even the youngest kids can participate. However, I take Bingo up to the next level by creating my own boards at Bingo Baker. I can import images to make a Bingo board out of the boys’ obsession of the day, or create a board full of math facts or vocabulary to help reinforce grade-appropriate tasks.

Fingerprint Art

Sometimes I feel like there is such a push on children to master skills that the arts get lost in the mix. Luckily art is an activity that easily crosses age gaps so I can usually pick artsy indoor family activities that all of the kids enjoy. Fingerprint art is one such activity. You can snag a book from Usborne Books or from Ed Emberley on Amazon and easily learn some fun ways to turn fingerprints into flowers, trains, frogs, machines, etc.

Break Out the Board Games

indoor family activities for kids - board game

When I was a child I used to love to play board games with my parents, and it’s a love that I am slowly teaching my children. Interestingly enough, I find that the classic games are much more appealing to them than the newer kitschy games. We can’t get enough of Clue, Monopoly, Risk, and Operation. Plus, there are now junior versions of almost all of the classics that allow the little ones to enjoy board game night too.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

If I am short on time and the kids are bouncing off the walls I quickly whip out a list of items for them to find and set them loose. Bonus perk: If I really can’t find something that I know is in the house, this is a great way to get the munchkins to help me out.

Hide and Seek: Indoor Family Activities Version

indoor family activities - hide and seek

Admittedly there are only so many places that you can hide inside the home, so sometimes I take the game a step further and have them hide stuffed animals instead of themselves. It’s fun to watch the seeker scour the rooms and it delights the little ones who get to watch the process of “seeking” play out.

Bake Together

indoor family activities - baking

This is one of my favorite indoor family activities with the kids. I love baking with my kids because not only are they covertly learning to measure, but it gives them a chance to be creative. We regularly make things like cupcakes and sugar cookies that they can get to decorate. If I am feeling really spirited I will create a toppings bar they can use to design their own treats.

Dance Party

There is never a bad time for the dance party, and my Echo Dot makes it simple to get moving. I have a special dance party playlist always in the queue so that we can shake off the wiggles if I think everyone is getting a bit stir-crazy. I find it’s a great way to break up the monotony of homework as well. A quick five-minute break is energizing for all of us.

Indoor Campout

Pop-up tents are fairly inexpensive and are a great way to turn a boring day or night into a load of fun. Sometimes I even let the younger kids sleep in the tents overnight which adds to the magic. If you don’t have a tent, blankets, and chairs are always a great standby.

Indoor Forts

indoor family activities - indoor fort

Speaking of which, it doesn’t matter how old you are, indoor forts are always fun to build. We frequently grab some bedsheets and clothespins and turn the dining room table into a cavern. Even my 13-year-old still loves to get involved, and it’s amazing to watch how much more intricate the designs get as the kids get older.

Break Out a Jigsaw Puzzles

indoor family activities - puzzle

When my kids were little they loved the Mellisa & Doug wooden puzzles, so I capitalized on that and started buying 200-300 piece puzzles to break out on the dining room table during a rainy day. While they don’t usually finish the puzzle in one sitting, every time they pass the table they will stop and work on it for a few minutes. I love watching the boys cooperate and the sense of accomplishment they get once it’s complete.

Paper Airplane Dart Board

My kids have been folding paper airplanes since birth it seems, but adding a dartboard to the mixture turns fun DIY crafts into lively indoor family activities. All you need is a poster board and some scissors to create a dartboard like this one from Good Housekeeping.

Build a Cardboard Marble Maze

Therapy Fun Zone is a great place to find indoor family activities, and the cardboard marble maze is one of my favorites. Simply grab the lid off a cardboard box (we are always swimming in Amazon boxes over here so that’s no challenge at all) and use straws to create the maze lines. After they finish their mazes, the boys compete to see who can complete their maze with a marble the fastest.

Let me know which indoor family activities are your favorites and don’t forget to snap a picture and tag us @householdhealthy on social media!

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