7 Best Family Home Workout For Kids

When families are stuck inside with TVs and video games to entertain the kids, family exercise becomes more important. Sitting around all the time isn’t healthy. What’s a parent to do when they don’t have a yard, there’s mud outside, or it’s too cold or too hot to venture outdoors for a romp? 

So Here’s 7 Best Home Workout For Kids…

We’ve chosen some workout ideas especially for you and your families. The first two are based on your creativity, the second two use video game systems, and the last three involve online workouts. Choose the best home workout for kids and start moving together!

“Active” Game Night

Remember all the exercise we got outdoors playing tag, red rover, and other fun games? Translate that thinking to indoor games where the main rule on choosing a game is that it must keep everyone active for at least 20 minutes. The game could be one you’ve played outside, such as Freeze, as long as the movements in between are exercises such as jogging in place, squats, and toe touches. Do whatever is appropriate. Don’t let anyone sit out too long! Musical chairs, Twister, hopscotch with a court on the floor marked by painter’s tap, and Simon Says can be made fun and active, too.


It doesn’t matter how well you dance or what dances you do if you keep on moving! Your family can have a free-for-all dance party, learn certain dances from videos, or do fun wedding dances, like the hokey pokey, the ever-popular chicken dance, and the bunny hop. You can make it a dance contest, dance till you drop, or Freeze with only crazy dance moves. Music is the only thing you need for this activity.

best home workout for kids

Fitness Video GameFitness Boxing 2, Nintendo Switch

Nintendo made a big splash years ago with Wii Sports and Wii Fitness. If you have those around, you can still pull them out for some family fun. Newer to the Switch fitness family of games is Fitness Boxing 2. As you’d expect, you’ll find fitness routines based on boxing moves like hooks and uppercuts. You can only play this game two at a time, so it’s good for a couple or one parent-one child. You know that special mom-son or dad-daughter time you want? You could have it while working out with this game.

Fitness Video GameBeats Saber, PS4 or PC

Many families have purchased Virtual Reality (VR) headsets for their older kids and teens. With the VR headset and a PlayStation 4 or PC, two people can play Beats Saber rhythm game. The game is about using a virtual lightsaber to slash blocks on the beat but it plays like a workout game, requiring muscle movement and helping you work up a sweat. Two people can play by taking turns, so a bigger family would need to play at alternate times unless they had two games, two systems, and two VR headsets. These days, it’s not impossible.

Online Home Workout for Kids and Adults – Kidz Bop Dance Along

Who doesn’t remember Kidz Bop? You can dance along with Kidz Bop kids on video via YouTube. There are a variety of video titles, so try them all or stick with your favorite. Kids of any age can find familiar clean tunes and dance the steps or their own steps, as long as they’re moving.

Online Home Workout for Kids and AdultsPopSugar Fitness Workout

Tweens, older teens, and brave parents will enjoy these lively workouts. They’re challenging and fun. The series, found on YouTube, includes workouts for Hip-Hop, Latin Dance, Full Body, and many more. PopSugar Fitness could keep your family fit and busy for months.

Online Home Workout for Kids and Adults – TikTok Dance Workouts

Are your kids always bugging you about TikTok? Well, here’s a way to enjoy the app, sort of, and get some fitness benefits. Popular songs on TikTok have been turned into workout routines that can be watched on YouTube. Follow along with your older teens as this is likely what they’re looking at anyway.

Now that you have the best home workout for kids, let me know which home workout for kids is your favorite!

Bonus: here’s a Fun Family Yoga you can do with your kids.

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