Having Trouble Finding Vegetables For Kids They Actually Like? Here are 7 rules to follow…

Kids need vegetables in their diets and there’s just no getting around that. Given that the experts recommend up to 4 servings of vegetables for kids per day by the time they’re 8 years old, though, it might not be that easy. So what do you do if your kids just aren’t into the healthy stuff? Let’s find out. 

Set The Pace

As with many other things, your kids will be influenced by what you do. If you want them to eat their vegetables then you need to show them that you like to eat yours too. Filling their plates with veggies while you don’t have any won’t make them want to eat them.

Don’t Give Up!

It might be tempting to throw in the towel when your child pushes the carrots away for the fifth time. Unfortunately, the experts say it can take up to 10 times for a child to decide that they like something. Keep at it. You’ll find what they like soon.

Be Liberal With Your Praise

When your kid finally eats those veggies, don’t hold back on praising them for it. You don’t have to go overboard but let them know that you appreciate that they tried the healthy food. On the other hand, punishing them for not eating their vegetables won’t help.

Get Your Kids Involved

vegetables for kids

Research shows that kids are more likely to eat their vegetables if they had a choice in what they eat. You can manage that by allowing them to choose what they’d like to try when shopping and getting them safely involved in the kitchen

Make Their Snacks Healthy Too

Kids usually see snacks as a way to take a break from healthy eating. Why not fight that by offering chopped cucumber or carrots with a healthy dip? That way, they get a snack and are more likely to snack on veggies in the future.

Show Your Kids Options

Not only should you keep trying your kids with the same vegetables, but you also need to introduce them to different types. A child that doesn’t like tomatoes might love the crunch of carrots or cucumbers. Remember layering flavors on your veggies can also help.

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Get Creative

While you’re getting your kids used to eating vegetables, you can still sneak them into sauces, stews, and soups. This shouldn’t take the place of introducing whole veggies though as you want your kids to embrace them as they are.

Of course, if your child is having persistent trouble with eating their vegetables or certain foods, it might be a sign to talk with their doctor or a dietician about the best vegetables for kids.

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