Breathing For Calm: 5 Pranayama Breathing Techniques For The Whole Family


Feeling a bit burnt out? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. In fact, neuroscientists have actually given it a name “Pandemic burnout” and its effects are widespread throughout the country. That’s why we’re going to discuss Pranayama Breathing Techniques, and how they can help with increased fatigue, anxiety, mental distancing, forgetfulness, and a general sense of negativity. Recognizing that you may be experiencing pandemic burnout as a family is vital in helping your children properly cope with their emotions. One great coping mechanism that our family loves revolves around Pranayama Breathing Techniques for kids.

Young kids may not get the principle of anxiety or how to process it, but they can learn anxiety breathing exercises that help calm their central nervous system down. I have found adopting several Pranayama Breathing Techniques is a great way to practice exercises with my kids that encourage a healthier mind, body, and soul. Even once things start to normalize, our family will continue to practice these deep breathing exercises because we enjoy the bonding and calm that washes over us.

pranayama breathing techniques for families

Benefits of Pranayama Breathing Techniques:

  • Heart Health
  • Mind detoxification
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Stronger Ability to Focus
  • Reduced Blood Pressure
  • Stress relief

The benefits pack a mighty punch, which is why our family is all when it comes to mindfulness and Pranayama Breathing Techniques.

We like to kick off our day with these breathing exercises for kids to prepare our minds for the day, but you could just as easily use them to inspire calm before bedtime. Maybe even go for both if your kids are game, in a houseful of kids, there is never a bad time to slow things down for a minute!

Ready to get started? Try these 5 Pranayama Breathing Techniques:

Mantra Breathing

Young children that need verbal reminders to follow deep breathing exercises for kids may enjoy matra breathing. The purpose of mantra breathing is to help empower their minds and body while forcing them to recognize their breathing pattern. You can allow them to choose their mantra, but follow the actual breathing pattern which is word-inhale-word-exhale. “Deep breath” is good for little kids while open-ended phrases that start with “I am” work for older kids.

Stream Train Breathes

Preschool and elementary age children love the steam train breath because they can imagine the train in their heads which also helps them sharpen their focus. These anxiety breathing exercises for kids are simple. Have your child sit cross-legged and then breathe in slowly adding a short sniff like a train starting up. Then tell them the train is speeding up and encourage them to speed their breaths and sniff for a few seconds and then slow the train back down.

Ujjayi Breathing

Ujjayi breathing is another great technique even though it is complex so it’s best to pull this one out if you have pre-teens or teens in your home. Close your eyes and imagine that you are blowing on a foggy mirror, then imagine that they are trying to maintain the fog but while their lips are sealed.

Dragon Breathing

Everyone can have fun unleashing a bit of their inner rage which dragon breathing allows them to do. Simply sit your children down, open their mouths, stretch out their tongue and lips and then inhale and on the eagle toss their arms dramatically forward letting go of all of their anxiety and stress.

Bear Breathing

Do you know why bears always look so chill? Because they get to hibernate for months. (I have to admit, I am very jealous of them)! Bear breathing works best on children who are ages eight and up or younger kids who are used to rhythmic breathing. To start, close your eyes and inhale for five seconds. Hold the breath for three more seconds, and then exhale for five seconds. Hold the breath for another three seconds and then repeat for five rounds and see if you can’t find your inner peace.

Are you going to try some Pranayama Breathing Techniques with your family? Let us know how it goes in the comments below šŸ™‚

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